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Originally Posted by confused View Post
Thanks, sjwolf.

I tried the method I described yesterday and managed to get to around 700-800kbps. I don't do the start and stop method. But has dropped to below 50kbps again.
I don't know what hotspot shield is. I'm guessing that's an adblocker? in which case it's possible UR slowed your connection because of it, but they've definitely reduced speeds. I don't have any add-ons and my speeds have been bad, and so have other people I know in multiple countries that used to use UR before this. The speeds can be better at certain times of day (late nights where I live) so it could be you were getting higher speeds because of that. Late night was when I used to get 1 mbps. Now I'm lucky to get 300 mbps at night. During the day I'm around 50kbps now as well.

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