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Default Unable to Download From Twitter When Login Information Is In

So I've had this issue I'm reporting for a couple months now I think? I do apologize for not having brought this up earlier.

So I'm having an issue where if any login information is input for the Twitter Plugin, it is unable to do anything at all it seems. Whether the info I put in is for a Protected account or Regular account, nada.

And further note, also doesn't matter if the Twitter account I'm trying to download is also a protected account or not. Nothing

The first log I'm posting is tested with a Protected Account information input, and the second with a regular account, no protection.

Third log is just me adding the links of an unprotected twitter account and a protected twitter account to also maybe give info in the logs for what happens with a success of any kind. That's with NO account info at all enabled, inputted, or the like.

26.12.19 01.43.17 <--> 26.12.19 02.05.25 jdlog://2482330900751/

26.12.19 01.43.17 <--> 26.12.19 02.10.34 jdlog://7482330900751/

26.12.19 01.43.17 <--> 26.12.19 02.13.52 jdlog://8482330900751/
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