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What you will find is that directhttp class, is quite heavy compared to other plugins as it needs to cover so many different circumstances which make it into a generic plugin. These tasks make download routine slower, thus you only ever see x dls been downloaded whilst in reality it should be 20 (assuming you have this set as max sim dl, and max sim per host is disabled) with small files as they finish before they start.

I will point out that you are approaching your goal in the wrong manner. You should use 'linkcrawler rules', or decrypter plugins to find content vs dl html > using the add links dialog to parse for you. This is a backward approach and the application is not designed for this in mind. Thus you are reaching limitations which I don't believe we will address (fixed) because its very inefficient process, we provide means with 'linkcrawler rules' and decrypter plugins which can do the task with the least overhead in the most efficient manner.
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