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Exclamation Browser captcha.

so I was an hour in to watching a movie when firefox opened up on me to ask for a captcha and I am livid. I am so angry right now

I have report the issue here

JD still does this and when it happens at times I am not expecting I find it annoying and a nuisance but somthing I can deal with.

but when I am watching a movie or playing a game, it is something I just can not handle.

I have JD in silent mode and minimized but it still does it. It does not do it for all hosts. for HF and TB it shows a little window and WAITS for me to bring up JD but for hosters like Nitroflair or oboom it just opens my browser even when JD is minimized and in silent mode

This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected in the next core update

I am tired of having a show or movie ruined by JD or coming to my PC in the morning to find Firefox up with 200 captcha tabs open

JD needs to wait for the user period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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