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Originally Posted by Tolmies_underpants View Post
Not really a bug, but a couple of things that really... ehhrmm... "bugs me".:rolleyes:

When you add links JD automagically sorts the packages which is great for when you actually add several packages at once, but not so great when you add one package from a mass mirror like uploadjockey and it sorts it anyhoo. Imho, you should add a easily accessible option to either turn this automagical sorting off, and/or a option to have JD ask if you want to sort them. The way it works now you have to first check all packages, then merge the packages into one, then click the box to open the freakin package, then sort them and then finally add whatever links you like. When you've done this a few hundred times I'm guessing it'll be pretty annoying.

Edit by Jiaz: rightclick and keep this hoster only or why sort at all? jd does regocnize mirrors automatically, so you can add many interchangable links in one package and jd will do the rest
"Keep this hoster" doesn't work in this particular instance. What I'm talking about is when you add a bunch of Uploadjockey links and JD sorts them into several useless packages when they're all refering to the same file (because some hosters name the files with slightly different punctuations).

Edit by Jiaz: pls some example links so i can test it! if the filenames are different, then they are not interchangable!
Keep this Hosters, will always work. If not pls explain what does not work!

Why sort? I dunno, I think it's easier and swoman to have a clean set of links from the start so JD doesn't have to go through them one by one nagging me with wait times and captcha recognition? If the captcha rec is perfect in this ver it wont be as much of a problem though, but it was a huge issue in the old JD - you basically got spammed with captchas if you added too many links.

Another reason would be to scrap all the links that for some reason or the other doesn't work at all?

You know, sorting...

Another thing is how you clear the download list. Why isn't there a "clear list"/"delete all" option? Do you really have to check every single package and use "delete" when clearing the list or am I missing something?

Edit by Jiaz: a delete all in downloadlist is useless i think, you can easily remove completed packages or files! why would someone delete the complete list at once?
Because they're all finished?
Edit by Jiaz:Then just use Remove finished PAckages/Links! Its already in Menu

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