Thread: [Solved] JD suddenly freeze [MAC]
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Originally Posted by eisbaer View Post
Make a upgrade from the older Version of JD. (0.9.581)
As for me, let me put it simple (since I'm not very good in english ;-) )

Tried with 0.9.579 and 0.9.581 :
proper uninstall, reboot, then install, reboot, then :
-update => no JD
-no update => no rereading of .jdc and no correct linkgrabber

Just 24h ago, every thing was fine, nothing else changed on my computer,
don't understand what happened, what to do...

And, last but not leats, except the present problem of the new update, can you explain me why, after uninstalling everything, when I install the version I always use for first install on a computer it doesn't work anymore? Did JDownloader update changed anything in the java system files or else?

Thank you
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