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Originally Posted by mrc View Post
@cremor: I was talking about "invalid id" issue. Regarding speed limits: still investigating.
FYI: The "invalid id" errors are still happening for me, but are quite rare now.

Two new questions:

1) Is it possible to configure a headless JDownloader to automatically update (and restart) itself? Preferably at a specific time and if it's not currently downloading something.

2) Is it possible to use the direct connection mode from a different (but still local) network while using the MyJDownloader server connection for external access at the same time?
Specific use case: My headless JDownloader runs in the LAN network 172.17.x.x. I'd like to access it with direct mode from a different LAN network 10.x.x.x and at the same time access it via the MyJDownloader server from WAN.
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