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It works now, thanks!
Unimportant stuff:
Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Filtered links cannot be accessed (AFAIK) by eventscripter via packagizer hook or any other trigger. For the script to work (access the link and read status/url), you will need to disable/modify any linkgrabber rules, which filter such links.
Linkgrabber Filter already was disabled. LinkCrawler Rules didn't contain anything about filtering offline files, but I disabled all of them as well, just in case. Still, offline files don't appear in the Linkgrabber. What else might be preventing them from appearing in the Linkgrabber?

Edit: It's working today. Maybe due to a restart.
Or because I played around with "Advanced Settings" -> "Linkgrabber Settings: Handle Offline On Confirm Latest Selection". But after playing around with it, I set it back to what it was, and this setting seems to be about the Linkgrabber->Downloadlist transition anyway, not related to the Clipboard->Linkgrabber transition. What does "Confirm Latest Selection" actually mean?

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@SMS: we can help best if you could provide real working example links
Right now this is about any files with HTTP status 404. They don't didn't appear in my Linkgrabber.

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