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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
JD actually also got many decrypters and some of them decrypt http links (links that aren't handled by a host plugin).
The ability to use jd to download normal http links is a VERY nice feature and it is indeed used by many users
...and because you can turn it off it won't annoy you at any time

Bugtracker ticket for the youtube configuration!

GreeZ pspzockerscene
Well i will give the http suggestion a go and report back if it still catches any links. But I think this suggestion i made is a good idea for improvement to the program. Nobody knows turning off http links can disable the catching of unwanted links, until u make a thread here. It's not user friendly vs my suggestion of a checkbox to disable files types u don't want.

Well I made my suggestions and stated my reasons why I think it is good idea. Whether the devs consider it will be depend on their priority.

Btw can u tell me who are the actual devs here?
And also do u guys have any input on the features included?

Also I am making suggestions to improve the program, based on my experiences and what I see are it's flaws.

I don't understand why u guys are so opposed to it when it this feature would make it more user friendly?
Do u do the actual coding or something? It's understandable that more coding would be required and if u do coding then more work. So from that point, I can see why u would want to oppose this.

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