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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
I haven't any experience with snap port but typically JDownloader has all its own files in its own install path and not separated into system paths. but i guess thats just another start script located in that path?

shouldn't your config be more like
Group="jd downloaders"
at a guess.
Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately the "Group" directive only accepts a single group.

I tested it launching the service with the root user and got the same issue, but the worst is that I created again a "jd" user with homedir "/mnt/2TB/jd" and I couldn't even launch the setup, as the snap hadn't permissions for creating the "/mnt/2TB/jd/snap" directory.

Sounds like the JDownloader snap doesnt work on non root mounted drives, so I had finally to uninstall that ubuntu snap and install JDownloader2 on Ubuntu 20.04 using the .sh installer from the web.

Thanks for the support.
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