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Cool Image Names

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At one point, I noticed my javaw.exe using over 500MB. I shut down this process in the task manager. Upon restarting, javaw.exe used far less memory (around 53MB), but some of the completed downloads from my previous session remained in the download list. I remember that I had used the Cleanup/Remove completed packages command before restarting JD, but it seems that some of the previous sessions remained in memory, resulting in the 500MB usage, and a "database save error" that I noticed in the log may also be related.

I would suggest that a user look at his task manager periodically to see the memory usage, and if javaw.exe is still a running process after shutting down JD, kill the process. Now, if you have another java app running at the same time as JD, this might kill that app too. Also look at the log for database save error.
Why is jD 0.5 using java(w).exe as Image Name in the task manager? jD 0.4 uses JDownloader.exe as Image Name.
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