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Cool updating mess

I'm using XP SP3 and SP1. On both machines jD 0.4 uses JDownloader.exe as the image name. It has always been this way, because I regularly check memory and CPU usage.

jD 0.5 consistently uses javaw.exe on the SP3 machine.

All other java programs, except Duplicate File Searcher, use their own Image Names. I block all applications from accessing the Internet, unless they are downloaders.

Since I block Duplicate File Searcher, I also block jD 0.5. and my firewall always asks whether it may access the Internet when I start up jD 0.5.

I've set the option "Update only at user request" in all my versions of jD. Why does jD 0.5 want to update anything if I explicitly configured it not to do so?

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