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Default New Rapidshare Plugin Bug

Rapidshare changed to new look, that broke the old Rapidshare Plugin.

JDownloader Team worked as fast as they could and fixed the plugin.

Here's the bug i found out.

IF you had more than 2 Accounts Rapidshare, one of them ran out of bandwidth, so when you download a Rapidshare, JDownloader won't automatically skip ran-out-bandwidth Rapidshare account to use next Rapidshare Account.

It will be stucked and your Rapidshare link will be marked "X" with error "No traffic left" or maybe "Your Rapidpro is expired" even both of those premium Account are OK.

And in Premium Session, JDownloader does not display correct Expired Date (With Rapidshare, they are marked with UNLIMITED) and sometimes with incorrected Traffic Left.

Here's my log :

Sorry about my bad English.


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