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These filehosts do whatever they like all the time and nobody can really do anything about it besides stop using their service. But majority of users will flock to whichever cyberlocker has the most files and FS knows it. This is why they can afford to dictate terms to us. It means nothing to them to lose a few users.

Honestly, they don't need any protection from some elite Mafia lol. What can we possibly do to them over the internet besides lodging a complaint with paypal or our credit card company?
What you are writing is correct if a company has a monopoly or has price fixing agreements within an oligopoly, which is the case for most economic sectors in a neo-communist society.

The file host market still is a free market. None of the OCHs has exclusive rights over the content. This means that in this market there still is competition. There are several bigger hosts than FSe and they'll now get more paying customers.

The result of this filseserve disaster will be that many customers won't renew their premium accounts and many potential customers won't pay for such a bad service if they're well-informed.

If the guy invested his own money in his business then he'll soon feel it in his pockets, otherwise he'll be fired by the board of investors.

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