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Originally Posted by rkocz View Post
yes, you all blame fileserve, but the downloads works and worked just fine if youre downloading with browser or another soft. im really pissed off jd right now. Despite the fact, that they have the new api, they just take their time, not really trying to fix anyting. All that hes doing is writing replies here, that hes finally gonna do it today, today, today and nothing. So the only thing that really annoys me right now is this idi.... soft and his st.... developers who are taking their time fixing little issues like this. Thanks a lot, i will rather use their own stupid downloader than this...
You talk too much without knowing and understanding anything. Use whatever makes you happy. JD is also open source, so if you think the devs aren't doing a good enough job, why don't you modify the code and make it work yourself?