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First sorry to hear your running Lion to begin with for those who are.

Now this is not a new problem as it has happened to me on several different occasions on all Mac OS Versions I have run since I started using JD.

There are some things one may want to look at and as I have yet to run Lion (not interested in the IOS type direction it is going in), as Lion does not come prebuilt with Java from what I understand or at least have the impression of, be sure your up to date with the Java Lon will run and one can install properly for Lion.

Make sure you have enough free disk space that has not caused some sort of lock up or cancelation of a file download. One may need to run a disk repair on the drive one is saving files to as on occasion the free space left and directory structures can become corrupt or confused. I suggest DiskWarrior Latest Version of course that supports Lion. Regardless of the disk utility used you will need to boot from another boot disk/drive/DVD to repair the main start up drive if there is a problem with it.

In most instances I have found though that the majority of problems stem or seem to stem from a connection breakage that was nonrecoverable between the receiving computer and the file host. Very similar to what kepalabenjol, stated previously although it may or may not be your ISP causing the problem. You may wish to call your ISP and tell them your having problems with connectivity between you and the file hosters IP address. Most of the time it is not needed to tell them a host name as they will usually trace an troubleshoot problems with IP #'s. They really only need to use host names usually just to make sure the DNS is good and a few other small issues surrounding DNS itself. Once a connection is made then usually the problems become routing, ISP hardware, or other configuration problems. In very rare cases deleting the config files for JD may help but probably not for this issue.

When the above problems do occur and there is a nonrecoverable file, it means basically the file thinks it is still being written to and has not closed the process properly. All one can do is to delete the file or Reset that files download link to start over again.

If this is a continuing problem with a file hoster then you will need to do some traceroutes and other tests to help both the JD team (only for probably telling you to call your ISP as they can not fix the network your on) and more than likely your ISP find the troubled spots in the network between you and the filehoster. Be sure to see if you can find a pattern and other information also as it may just be the hoster as many have severely cut back on bw especially for free downloaders, and many are just being stupid since MU was taken down mostly for stupidity on their part.

Unfortunately it will not get better with the laws being passed not only by the US but by other countries who all are taken in by the pathetic lies of the MPAA, RIAA, and their counterparts, and then there are those who just wish to control the internet and the information that gets out to everyone so they can control the individuals of the world also.

Sorry for the rant there but everyone world wide must get involved with their governments to let them know we are not slaves nor are we troglodytes etc. and demand our rights and freedoms in the internet as well as in this emerging new world we are rapidly finding ourselves being pushed into like puppets or cattle.

Hopefully this will help some with the problems they are seeing arise of late.

Mods or admins you may edit out anything in this post you may find offensive or out of place for the board in the last two paragraphs.
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