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Exclamation Encrypting Links, Creating DLC file

Hi and Hello everyone,

I am new to Jdownloader, My friend is been using Jdownloader for long time but he is of no use because he used it to download DLC files and whatever it contain he just used Jdownloader to download files..

Now I am here with request

How do I create DLC file.??

Can I create DLC file using Links?? such as Mediafire or Rapidshare or Hotfile etc??

How can I create DLC files from links and how can I create them using my own file stored on my System?? files I wanted to upload

I am uploading files on file hosting sits and I want my links to be protected so they can only be downloaded with Jdownloader and cannot be viewed, such that user can download my files, but they wont find my links.

I visited this page and have read the instruction but I need assistance

My Question is I wanted to create JDLC file using Mediafire links or any other file hosting links and by using files from my own system.
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