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In repsonse to your VPN suggestion, a VPN is not a viable solution for several reasons. One being the ridiculous expense due to the fact that, living in Hawaii, there are virtually no VPN's available. Then there's the simple fact that there is only one ISP available where I reside so my connection will always end up through (and basically controlled by) their equipment.

Just when it appeared that things were finally working correctly and without issue, the too many IP addresses error has come back. This time it occurred after 10 successful downloads had already completed. Then, when the 11th began the error came back. I know not to use JD and the browser simultaneously as that will always produce the too many IP's error even if everything is set to 1 in JD. Somehow, only having one external IP address is being interpreted as being multiples again. According to Spectrum (my ISP) they aren't doing anything to split the signals for load balancing or anything like that. In fact, they claim that the IP address I see on my system is the only one that is or should be associated with my system. So... Spectrum tech support says the blame is on my download manager enabling multiple IP download streams that appear to the host server as multiple IP's. At this point I would hold Uploaded as responsible for the problems. Why else would everything have been going smoothly and then suddenly produce an error? Hopefully, there is an explanation for this rather bizarre behavior. Thanks for the assistance with this baffling issue.
Oh yeah, here's the logs that should cover what happened:
04.12.17 07.46.25 <--> 03.12.17 08.27.48 jdlog://7408024015941/

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