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Just for info: After years of JD usage today I stumpled over event scripter and wanted to try it. Downloaded and activated it but the edit script button didn't work. Just opened a small windows for a tenth of a second, immediately closed it so you can't even read any text and nothing more.

Found out that it's because I renamed the "jre" folder of JD2, so JD2 uses system wide Java 10.0.2 x64. Everything works fine with Java 10 for a long time here on a Win2012R2 system. When I rename back the jre folder so JD2 uses its own Java 8 the script editor works. So this is the first piece of JD2 that doesn't work with Java 10 here.

Not a problem for me as I just tried to play a bit with event scripter. Just an information that there could be some incompatibility with newer Java versions. Didn't try yet if scripts added with Java 8 later work when switching back to Java 10.
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