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Default Rapidgator..."Host Problem?" error alot!


Been noticing an issue with rapidgator links lately.

So JD2 sometimes takes a bit to connect to RG. Then it will start but the chunks get created slowly. Then at the 5-6% point JD2 fails...stalls then quits with a "host error?" error. Then I have to wait 5-10mins to get it going again, once i resume it the second time it usually works and finishes.

The thing is this "host error?" is happening with almost all rapidgator links these days. It stops at 6%, then it can break at the 10% point too. Its at these points I get the error and have to wait the 10mins cooldown.

Please look into the plugin and see if theres something u can do to make RG DLs run a bit better through JD2.

Log: 04.10.19 18.23.16 <--> 04.10.19 18.47.52 jdlog://9159030900751/


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