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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
Don't think they made it, they just have the instructions and a very old installer on there website. And don't think they have stable plugin only nightly.

I just made one for jd2, still needs work but I'm still waiting for info on error messages (it's only been 2+ weeks).

with nightly and jd2 all you have to do is copy a link and jd linkchecks, If it matches domain we send commands to make converted link and or get direct download link from them. Linkchecking is done via the real hosters plugin and download from the multihoster.
A lot of the files always showed up as "file not found" even when they were available so I had to manually reset them from time to time. This new plugin isn't bad but there is no CRC check. Perhaps use the best of everyones code to make a super plugin?
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