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Originally Posted by marco285 View Post
from today, I can't use Jdownloader...
I use megaupload and fileserve links...
With fileserve I'm put on hold for 7 minutes, when 7 minutes are finished, the wait restarts, forever...
The same with megaupload, but here, the waiting time, is of 25 minutes... after 25 minutes, the wait restarts again... 25 minutes again, forever...
And I can't download anything.
Do you know whitch can be the problem?
Thank you
I also have this problem with megaupload. It doesn't do captcha (or anti captcha). It just starts countig down from 25 minutes, and after it finishes it restarts. Megaupload links can still be used with IE or firefox, but it would be nice if jdownloader could be fixed.