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@ PeterPiper,
It looks like while picking peppers, you forgot to make sure that your firewall allows JDownloader.exe, java.exe, and javaw.exe to open and write on any port to any IP address. You should also check that these three programs are allowed to listen on any port for local connections.

You are making no connections from JDownloader. Again, there are three programs: jdownloader.exe, java.exe, and javaw.exe.

Also make sure that your security software never reads the data as it is being downloaded. The packet headers should be examined (that is how the firewall works), but scanning the contents will break a program like JDownloader.

The rules request that you post information about your security software and your JD settings.

If you are not sure about security software, read General Discussion -> Self Help Index -> Choosing and installing security software.

Please read the instructions for posting a log that are linked to in my signature.
Please, in each Forum, Read the Rules!.Helpful Links. Read before posting.
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