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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
NOD32 WebScanner/HTTP SCanner is known to cause all kind of issues
-memory leaks
-java crashes

every user reporting such probelms and having nod32 could fix it by disabling the http/webscanner

so pls try this first
Yes, but...

As reported before, I have no NOD32 installed. Even though, I actually removed all antivirus progs as well as JRE -- completely. The machine was restarted without antivirus, java clean install and JD loaded. Half of hour later the memory goes big (>550MB) and the same memory leak / IO behav came back.

If you want, I could observe the java env with a particular tool -- let me know what and I'll use it.

I know how hard is to develop a new prog -- and the consequent cleaning/tunning. I already know that this memleak may be unusual. So I understand that you may not be so moved to catch this particular bug. I don't blame you and the other devs at all, but it still exists in some machines.

Thanks for your effort and time, JD is a very valuable tool.

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