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Default more info

- your OS, OS version, JRE version, firewall?
win7rc x64, jre 1.6u16 back to 32bit version, windows firewall

- what you're doing when the memory use increases
just loading 1-2 files from RS, DF or HF

- how many simultaneous downloads?

- how many links in your download pane?
sometimes 20 sometimes 100 (but in 15-20 packages)

- window minimised?
minimized to tray or size of window ?
my jd-window is not full screen, via aerosnap 50% of the screen
if extension jd-tray-light is enabled I using the minimize to tray, w/o JD is only in the background behind some other "front"-apps. makes no difference.

- what theme (Look - Style) are you using?
"windows style", other styles are still slow, I only have a intel gma950 gfx and T5600 core 2 duo.

- window decoration enabled?
no, to heavy for my system.

- extraction enabled?
yes and no, makes no difference

- other add-ons enabled?
yes (hjsplit, jd tray light) and no, makes no difference

other things:
speedmeter = off
reconnect = I donīt use this
file writing sfv/crc-check = on or off, makes no difference

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