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Default 2 Problems Since Updating keep2share unsupported linkformat

First time poster. I have been a HUGE fan of Jdownloader 2. It's been perfect for all my downloads until recently.

1) LinkGrabber used to take the links I got from my downloads and automatically download as it goes. Now, it looks like I have to select the files in Linkgrabber and hit start downloads in order to get the download started. This was something I never had done before. It used to just download automatically. I found this out after getting all my links imported individually then I looked at downloads and nothing started.

2) The downloads are also no longer named correctly, they're just a series of numbers and I have to rename them with an mp4 or mp3 to be able to view the files. They still work, they're just not named, I'd have to rename all of them.

I think one thing might have something to do with the other. Is there any way to get the way it used to download back. I would grab the link, it would go into Linkgrabber, it would automatically rename and start downloading.

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