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No, I do want the webm/mp4 file of the gif.

This is the thing (forgot to explain this in the first post): As Pspzockerscene mentions, I also get 904 items from the first link. And so far it looks fine. The problem appears when you download the items. If you download all 904 items, it will actually download one single video clip 904 times. That's not what I want.

The reason for this seems to me to be that PH handles normal videos and gifs differently. While normal videos are hosted by pornhub themselves, the gifs are hosted by

One way to see this is using the third link I provided. The difference between that link and the two others is that the crawler includes other hosters than pornhub. So, in order to download the actual intended video clips from the page, you have to download the video files hosted by Because again, if you download the files hosted by pornhub, you just end up downloading one single video clip n amount of times.

Do I make sense?
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