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Default problem with jdownloader and my antivirus

hello, i don't really know what's is the problem so i'll just explain from the start.
since the last update (the 20 may 2022) i can't use jdownloader. the first time i tried to open it a small window appreared saying that there was someting wrong (i don't remember the exact words) following by lines of "code" starting by java. after that my antivirus, windows security started notifications about a problem with the software everything i did resulted in another notification i couldn't even unistall jdownloader. i erased the program file manually to try reinstall it but just having the .exe file in my computer after the downlaod drive my antivirus crazy, the notifications won't stop until i erase it so i can't install it again. i don't remember every problems the antivirus was warning me about or if there was only one but the last one was PUA:Win32/PcMechanic. my question is what can i do to get jdownloader back ? thank you for answering.
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