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Default Checksum column blank


New user here. I tried to find info on this, but couldn't find it. Only found some semi-related info. So here goes:

On the Downloads tab, showing the Checksum column, it is showing as blank, even though the files are being checked (CRC32). I turned on the setting "SFV / CRC check when possible" and using Packagizer I prioritized .sfv files (nice feature btw) so that all larger files after that are checked as they are downloaded.

This works great. But the Checksum column stays blank.

Maybe I've misunderstood what this column does. Seems there's some functionality to "Adopt Checksums" and that checksums can be part of the pasted links. Not excactly sure how that works. Or I haven't just encountered such links yet.

I would have thought that by my use case above, in lieu of pasted checksums, the tool would populate the Checksum column for each file actually having been checked. Is there a way to accomplish this? Or maybe grab the checksums from the .sfv file and populate those?

(In fact, might be nice to have two columns here as "Checksum Expected" and "Checksum Actual" or something like that. The first one would populate from either pasted checksums or from a harvested .sfv file. The second one only after the actual check.)
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