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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
You have to install Browser Extension (Account is not required) Firefox 53+ is required.
Without this you will no longer be able to solve RecaptchaV2 captchas (*I'm not a robot*)
Sigh it is not resolved for such as me .... I can't update to that version of Firefox yet on my Current work horse machine OS for a while until I find other solutions for some other apps I'm currently forced to use also.

I also tried changing the Browser Captcha Command Line for Firefox and also downloaded the JD extension. Neither worked properly of course and I still get the same problems posted earlier in the other post of mine regarding the issue. It seems to me maybe that the extension itself if not JD itself might be able to somehow tell JD and what ever Browser it is built for to not use local host at all. for initial connections ... as when it does pop up the google Recaptcha v2 the referal at the end still shows the referer as the local host.
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