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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
RecaptchaV2 happens completely inside browser. JDownloader has no influence on it and that's why the browser extension is mandatory to provide a way to solve those RecaptchaV2.

Without the browser extension there is only the Android/iOS App and captcha solver services left.
You could also try to use a VirtualMachine and install lightweight Linux Distro in it.
I already have the browser extension installed. If this is the case then can't the extension remove the referrer somehow that seems to show up in the browser window when it opens and awaits the captcha solving?

As per a VM and another OS running yes that is feasible but not highly efficient. It uses more memory and resources than I would like to have used on the Workhorse machine when it is crunching other things it needs to do on a regular basis.

@Heinzelmann Great idea and thought there .... A JD browser which would only really be needed for such as Googles Captcha v2 cwap. It would not need to be too memory intensive and if others wished to us it for other things well hopefully not so JD doesnt have to keep updating it too often. They would of course have to make one for all Base OS's (Winblows, Mac, *nix) and would hope that they would be able to also make them backwardly compatible for situations like mine.

There are of course some Java based web browser stuff out there too such as the Lobo Browser project which they might wish to look into if they decided to do something with such. this one is also Open Source. although it has not been updated for a while. they discuss such there a tad at least and they also have a couple of recomendations one being the xamj above.

Doing a search for java based web browser shows a few options and discussions too.

They would not need to make it with a "Google Account Login" feature as that is currently only for the web admins that use the Google Captcha V2 so they can make adjustments on their web servers.
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