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I'm sorry but at the moment there are no more plans for a *JD browser*. There are several reasons like required time to get it work and keep it supported because Google is working on their RecaptchaV2, not supported on all platforms, easily detectable by google (and they already do this) and required manpower.

We already had a JD browser (phantomJS) in place and Google doesn't stop working on RecaptchaV2. They can easily detect such *dummy* browsers. And they do!

The browser extension is a solution that works very good and as soon as Edge/Safari do support webextensions, we will be able to provide an extension for those browsers as well.
You will achieve the best RecaptchaV2 experience with your daily browser with *good* google cookies.
Incognito/private mode and/or no google cookies will always end up in bad google reputation and result in harder/more captcha rounds. Only google knows how their reputation system works.
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