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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
The browser extension is a solution that works very good and as soon as Edge/Safari do support webextensions, we will be able to provide an extension for those browsers as well.
You will achieve the best RecaptchaV2 experience with your daily browser with *good* google cookies..
Safari does allow extensions, they have for quite some time when Safari V5 was introduced ...
Safari Version 5.1.10 (Current Browser on Mac OS 10.6.8) through Safari 10.1.2 (Current Browser on Mac OS 10.10.5) does as I have some various ones installed on both versions.

Of course one has to have a Developer Certificate which is needed in order to use Extension Builder. I'm are there are other ways to make the extension but of course being apple they like to add a tad more security and the Developer Certificate allows one to add a tad more security ot the extensions.
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