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Originally Posted by DeusExBestia View Post
The problem is with the plugin itself, when it is trying to use a login. Without an account set up in the Account Manager for Twitter jDownloader works just fine and downloads everything on the <user>/media page as requested.

However, when you try to user jDownloader to download a protected/locked account, it rightfully errors and says "This tweet timeline is protected". When you try to turn on your account for twitter in Account Manager, jDownloader won't get anything from twitter at all. Even when the account says "Account is ok: Free Account", neither locked nor unlocked accounts download.
yes i have this problem.

I cant download from friends private account , because I need be loggin and jdownloader cant start a good session. Twitter send me a email with this

"We have noticed a recent login to your account @Alxxxxxxx.
Firefox on Windows device
Location * Moxxxxxxxxxx, Quxxxxxxxxx
* The location is approximate according to the IP address of the session.
If it was you:
Great! There is nothing else you have to do.
If it was not you:
Your account may have been compromised and you should complete a few steps to make sure your account is secure. To begin, reset your password now."

So after this Jdownloader dont grab links from any twwiter link public r private.
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