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Question jdown wants captchas again from dlc file, jdown doesn't save a manually sorted list


i'm using the newest jdown version 0.9.579 and have encountered 2 weird bugs.

The 1st bug is:
- adding links from SJ
- the captcha windows appear
- i type all captchas into it and confirm
- the files list are now there
- i save those file list as DLC
- after reopening the DLC file ... the jdown wants the captchas for each link AGAIN

But this bug doesn't appeared in previour versions of jdown ... because all DLC files which were created with prior verions can be opened without any Captcha issue and all included links are there.

Another bug was happened whit a prior jdown version which was the current version on 27th of december (... btw: in those version wasn't any captcha bug):
- i have several links for one video but from several hoster
- after adding those files to the 'linkgrabber, all files are listened in 3 folders named with a number and letter mix and unsorted refering to there hosters
- i manually click each file from the same hoster and moved thoese links to a new package named like 'Video1_rapid' or 'Video1_netload'
- then i saved those links/folders as DLC
- later i want to reopen the dlc to reload a special file BUT all created folders and sorted hosters are gone!!! ...the links appears as the unsorted mix with weird folder names as they were displayed right after adding into the linkgrabber!

Have somebody any ideas how to fix those weird bugs?

Any upcoming update to fix that behaviour?

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