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I don't understand it neither, but I've never worked with SJ links.
The main problem is ... i'm pasting download links from SJ into the linkgrabber of jdownloader.

Than the jdownloader opens for each link a captcha window ...
... i'm entering the captchas and so the linkgrabber is in the end full of download links.

But those links couldn't be exported as plain text or something else ... but therefore i exports those links as a DLC file.

And this procedure works fine in the past even if i reopen the DLC file ... and now:
If i reopen the newly created DLC file i have to entering new captchas again for each link
This behaviour is new and undesirable ... the weird thing is that i can open old DLC files from one or two month ago without any captcha bug!

So finally i want that jdownloader produces a clean DLC file as before without any reopen captcha issue ... Any solution(s)?

Originally Posted by remi View Post
PS: understoodable -> understandable

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