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Originally Posted by Simon* View Post
Thanks for the offer, yarando.

I don't speak a single word of German.

The app was kindly translated by two users of the app, who are native German speakers.

I have no idea how good the translation is.. so if something is incorrect, or if something has been missed please tell me here.


v1.3.1 is still in review. Taking longer than I'd expect... :(
So, from my point of view there are no realy wrong translations. Just some single words are missing and some other words I would translate diffrently.
I think I've not seen the whole GUI at all.
What I've seen is a missing translation at the "link add" menue....
"Browse for links" and
"Or enter text to send to JDownloader".
So the translation is not bad, it's very good and usefull.

I don't know, you already have some help from german users/native speeker.
It should only be an offer...

I also don't know, how to program an app an if there are language files (like html/php programming for CMS). So if so, don't hesitate to send it.

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