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Hi Gab

Thanks! No there isn't at the moment. I don't save the username and password. You enter it once and then it's gone.

I've heard from a number of people about this issue, and some reviews on the app store also complain about this.

I can only think of two things that would cause this:

1) there's a bug when the app is loading and it doesn't load your session token in time. in the absence of a token the login screen is displayed. the app loads session info before anything else and it's all synchronous so I don't understand why it would be this.
2) there's an issue refreshing the token when it expires.

from what I've heard of this issue it's more likely to be issue 1. the login screen will be presented immediately on app launch if it's issue 1, where you will get a loading dialog and then the login screen with issue 2.

it's a bank holiday for me tomorrow so i'll attempt to fix this issue. it might take a while before I release anything though as this will involve me swapping storage mechanisms. and also making sure old users also get their info migrated to the new storage type as well.

I MIGHT add a remember username/password option to the login screen so if all else fails the app can log you in again by itself.

I also want to add a 'default JDownloader' option to the app settings screen. Some people don't like the dashboard screen (understandable if you only have one JDownloader). if this option is set it will take you directly to the chosen JDownloader downloads if it's online, and to the dashboard if it's offline
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