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The idea is to change your IP.
If you really have a fixed IP, you can't do that (unless you use a proxy).

But first confrm you really do have a fixed IP -- that's usually something you have to pay extra for.

Check your IP using eg **External links are only visible to Support Staff** Then turn off your router and modem for 5 minutes, and then back on, check again. If your IP is different, you have a dynamic IP, and you can use "Reconnect" in JD.

Reconnect does this using software commands, which are different for each router.

See the Wiki for details of how to set this up.
Hi Thanks. I am using Buffalo router model BBR-4HG. However in jdownloader's list of router, there isn't this model. Do you have any idea where I can get the re-connection script for this? Thanks.
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