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thanks for the reply, but if you look at my post again, it is not about premium account purchase.

Previously, whenever i went to website in my browser, i always got the "THE DAILY TRAFFIC LIMIT FOR YOUR COUNTRY IS CONSUMED" message, but when i used your software, the LINKGRABBER will report the same files as "ONLINE", and i was able to download the files (as a matter of fact, many files one after another). You see....your software somehow bypass this limit thing and allow me to download from although my usual browser keep reporting the traffic is consumed. the last few days.........i still get the usual "THE DAILY TRAFFIC LIMIT FOR YOUR COUNTRY IS CONSUMED" from my normal browser, meaning the file is ONLINE, just that i can't download it. But this time around when i use your software, the LINKGRABBER reported the files as "OFFLINE>FILE NOT FOUND", meaning the software is saying there are no such files on the uploading server. That means even if i have premium account, i also can't download via your software as there is no such files as reported by link grabber.

This is the same situation as HOTFILE server, your software always report as "offline>file not found" but when i paste the same links in my normal browser, the links are there and i was able to download the same files via the free method.

so i am not sure whether this is the setting or the server problem? Or the java update problem?


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