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I'm running under Windows 8 (not yet upgraded to 8.1), Windows Firewall, Windows Defender (a.k.a. Security Essentials), Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. However I've had these running for many months, and until a week or so ago (unsure of the date of change in behaviour) JD2 always connected to without any problems.

And as I said earlier, I have several other accounts in JD2 that have continued without this connection failure and it's only RealDebrid that, to use an Australianism. suddenly "went cactus."

Determining the exact casue of the connection failure is not easy. The hoster (RealDebrid) says it's not their problem, and unless it's a JD2 plug-in problem (might it be?) I would agree with you that the cause is external to both these parties and not at all apparent.

The ISP just might have started blocking the RealDebrid site, but knowin them they won't help me to examine this and anyway since I can log into the RealDebrid website via Firefox I don't think this is the case. (Other opinions? Could it be a port issue in the JD2 login phase, for example? Where does one go to check at the code of the RealDebrid plug-in?)
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