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"went haywire" would be my term ;p

source is on our SVN, from my IRC alias 'If your interested in contributing or just want to review some our source code you can obtain the necessary steps via this page '

if it works from browser from the exact same link then it's localised issue (say security product or JD code issue at the core core, as plugins play no influence on connections once the link has been determined.). I know malware bytes does block JD, and I've added some code which should identify when this happens in the download routine. The error message should say 'Blocked by Malwarebytes' or something long those lines.

If you'd like to do a teamviewer session I could test on my system and yours identically (shared clipboards etc), and I have access to real-debrid account also.

Jump our online chat and find myself and ask for Teamviewer session

otherwise keep uploading your full JD2 logs via another IRC alias

'Can you please post example link that fails and your logs please. How to post a log'
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