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Default Rapidgator Premium Account Problems

For starters, there are ALWAYS errors when attempting to use a Rapidgator premium account with any version of JD. I have seen various errors occur from "Skipped - Account is missing" to "You can only download one file at a time in Free mode" (the wording may not be exact but it is something similar) to having to deal with Captcha's constantly. Rapidgator support is blaming all of these issues on JD and taking no responsibility for anything. However, as an IT Pro for 30+ years and a "gray hat" (a reformed black hat), I feel that the problems are really related to the total incompetence of the Rapidgator personnel in general.

Here is the log record:
04.02.15 08.33.08to04.02.15 09.49.33 jdlog://7074337732241/
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