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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post

Do you rename within the table/list or in link/package property window at the bottom?
Most often, I rename within the table/list row - what I refer to as "in-place editing" -- and that's when the problem arises. All other times, I select 2 or more files and do a multiple rename or move into a package and use the popup dialog to do the naming. With the popup, there isn't this problem, obviously, since the dialog doesn't go away when you change focus.

Note, that even for single files, I could just always select rename from the context menu and bring up the rename popup, but I find that more cumbersome than simply pressing F2 and entering the rename right away. A common problem I have with the popup is that I have to nearly always resize it horizontally so I can see the full name, which is usually long.

Thanks for addressing this issue.
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