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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
There is no enabled speed limit by default. What do you mean by *different versions* ?

You can place your ffmpeg binaries in different folder and modify Settings-Advanced Settings-search for ffmpeg/ffprobe and set full path to different binary. eg c:\\ffmpeg\\ffmpeg.exe (the double \ is intended!)
In case there will be another update for ffmpeg binary, only the one in tools/ folder within JDownloader will be updated. Customized ones won't
Different versions -- I mean different ffmpeg versions from that external link, prior to the April 2018 build (link has been hidden but now unblocked by admin)

Anyway I'll try your method to reroute the ffmpeg to another folder...

BTW when I access Settings/Advanced Settings NIS displays warning dialog that ffmpeg is "inconclusive." I had to manually apply to allow such (NIS) permission to run...

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