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Default JDownloader2 Uninstall/Change actually is Uninstall

Happy New Year 2019, everybody, and continuing many thanks to all the JDownloader developers and support team members.

My JD2 installation has been running trouble free for many months, but today I ran one of those system checker/fix-up tools (Reimage Repair) that indicated a supposedly malicious file on my PC:
c:\users\<myname>\appdata\local\jdownloader 2.0\jdownloader2.exe ---
WS.1 a.k.a. PUP/Multitoolbar

I recall having installed the JD browser plug-in at some stage, and thought that this warning might be related to that, so naturally enough thought this should be investigated (even though I would not regard the plug-in as suspicious because it was installed from the official JD website).

So I went to Windows 10 "Programs and Features" and right-clicked on the JDownloader2 entry. The tooltip was "Uninstall/Change" therefore (as with some other software) I expected to be presented with the "Change" selection list of installed features, which I most likely would have cancelled out of after viewing the list.

But much to my horror it uninstalled JD2, there simply is no "Change" function in the uninstaller. This is a REALLY bad implementation!

Now I have to reinstall JD2 and go through the painful process of changing all the settings to get JD2 to work exactly as before (re-entering account info, and tailored to exactly how I want things to happen in terms of menus and download directories and so on).

I strongly recommend that the tooltip be altered to just "Uninstall" as soon as possible.

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