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Default LinkGrabber - Replace subdomain with another subdomain

I figured out that LinkGrabber won't recognize certain subdomains for a domain that is otherwise recognized by LinkGrabber.

For example, LinkGrabber recognizes **External links are only visible to Support Staff** But, when the link to traverse through contains, LinkGrabber doesn't recognize because of the subdomain "abc." Same domain, but just that the subdomain is different. This is quite common, as many web sites use the subdomain, for example, for different languages, such as and

When I replace the subdomain like "english" and "chinese" with "www," the web site links still works - it just defaults to its default language.

I would love to make these changes myself beforehand. However, these links are farmed from the target web site, so I don't have the ability to change them myself.

Is there a way for JDownloader to replace a subdomain with another subdomain for a given domain?

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