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Hi! Had given up hope about getting any feedback on this so this was a surprise.
Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post

first of all you have to separate our plugin and the packagizer stuff.

Our plugin does its thing and crawls whatever you add and afterwards, on top of that, the packagizer comes into play.
I know this, so are you telling me that I've posted this in the wrong forum? If so please move it to the right one if needed cause I can't. Posted it here since I couldn't find a better fit. Can't say for sure though since it was four months ago and I'm kind of senile but is feels like the most plausible reason why I posted it here.
Secondly even for us it is hard to just imagine how things work and what goal you want to archive without example URLs and at least a screenshot of your packagizer rule(s).
Every setting used and every step taken is in my post so really don't know what you are talking about here. Was my description really so poorly written so you couldn't interpret it? Guess I'll have to sign up for some English lessons.
I thought it was easier to be able to copy/paste my settings from the post than reading them from an image.
And I'm kind of very, very sure the logs, that you always ask for when reporting an issue and that I've posted, include the URLs I was trying to get so that's why I didn't post a specific URL. Plus that my issue isn't connected to a certain page since it's the same for every instagram page so the URL doesn't matter.
But try this one **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** if you need one to test on.
And if a picture is better than the exact same words already posted (except an underscore that means nothing to my real problem) here's what you want.
Hope it's to any help

I hope your computer- and time meltdowns are over by now :D

Computer is OK-ish but mine have started to recrudescent.
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