Thread: [User feedback required] Stopping Mega download at a pre-defined percentage.
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Have you already found time to test different destination drive? Your system specs should provide more than enough power. Are you downloading to the WD drive? tried to download to the NVMe?
Also please do a speed test of the WD drive. Eg CrystalDiskMark
I haven't had time to test with an external one yet. Hopefully in a day or two.
Because the NVMe drive throttles pretty quickly I am forced to use the secondary WD drive for downloads. That way at least I can keep using the system w/o slowdowns.
I have attached CDM ss for all 3 drives. The Toshiba external appears to be much faster than the WD.
In my old C2D laptop I had the same WD drive and it exhibited the same issue as well, only worse as it was the system drive as well.
I will try in a Linux distro to see if it makes any difference.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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