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Default Permissions required

Almost two years ago I had problems with the "permissions required" dialog that popped up every time my scripts accessed the file system.

Jiaz made a change to that behavior, and instead of popping up 9 times, it is now popping up only ONCE. Thank you for that!

I do not want to seem greedy, but is it possible to add a solution that disables these alerts completely? I am aware of the security issues that might arise from using foreign scripts... how about adding a button next to "synchronous execution of script" (call it something like "grant all permissions").
This button would then affect only that specific script and allow scripters to optimize their own script without having to deal with this dialog again (and again and again...).

Apart from that I noticed a new behavior of the editor, and I do not know whether it's a new feature or a bug:
chars like ({["' always appear in pairs when I type them.
Thus, typing a left bracket "(" results in "()".

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